Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Luci is our little corgi pet therapy dog.  And is great at her job that she loves dearly!  It's her very favorite thing to do in doggie life,...besides chasing squirrels up a tree!

We visit patients at a local hospital with a group called the PUP Program.  It is composed of trained pet therapy dogs and their owners that make visits each week.  Luci and I also make visits to local nursing homes, assisted living facilities, senior care centers, and more!

Last Tuesday we were introduced to a new facility by our Volunteer Director of Texas Home Health Hospice, Tami Segars Ott!  One devoted sweet lady!   This facility is for Alzheimer's patients who are still able to function with assisted care.  On Memory Lane, we met several of the women!   One lady said, "Luci, you can make your home right here with me,...I really miss my dog I had to left at my home."  Another said, "Luci, you have the cutest little white stripe up the center of your head and I just love it!"  She made sure that Luci got petted on that exact stripe!  Luci leaned on her new friend as her little white stripe got a full massage!

This work is done because we have a heart for the elderly population! Volunteering with Luci has become one of the MOST rewarding things I've done in my life!   Luci makes people happy with her happy smiley face and her most gracious manner of  loving people unconditionally.  

I usually post stories about Luci's pet therapy work on SheriLuci.wordpress.com!  But thought you might be inspired to VOLUNTEER in some capacity for people less fortunate.  It's AMAZING how much these folks appreciate a little visit with time to listen to their stories!

"Let a little of yourself die,...in order to give yourself away to someone who needs you."  Isn't this bibical?


Sheri and Luci
Written by Sheri DeLoach
August 28, 2012


  1. Amazing how simple things...like taking a moment, sharing a pet, sharing a word lift another's spirits. Blessings on your and Luci's ministry

  2. Thank you Marcia for your comments! So nice! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sheri, I really enjoyed this. I have a heart...a weakness actually...for the elderly also. I really dislike how our society treats them. I think it's fantastic that by traveling with little Luci, you can not only have joy together, but also extend that joy and ministry to others! Good for you!

  4. Thank you, Deb for having a heart for our "forgotten ones". And thank you got your note! I appreciate you! <3 Sheri & Luci

  5. Luci is better this week. Have her scheduled for surgery next week,...thank you for praying,..

  6. Typo; thank you FOR your note!