Sunday, January 15, 2012

Epiphany Moments - 01.15.2012

Epiphany?  What is does word mean to you?  Have you experienced an epiphany moment?  Have you wondered why people don't talk about their epiphany moment(s)?  Many questions surrounding this mysterious word!

Several epiphany moments have happened to me and each one comes unexpected, yet welcomed and with great joy!  It comes in the form of a sudden realization that God has spoken to me!  In His way and His Time.

I was a pilgrim on 'A Walk to Emmaus' about 15 years ago with a large group from many churches at a church camp ground for the weekend.  Many friends had gone on the 'Walk' and I could see a change in their walk with Jesus.  So, I wanted to go ! A dear friend sponsored me and made all the arrangements for that weekend, no clocks or watches or cell phones allowed!

This spiritual retreat is structured with a time line that is followed exclusively.  There are small groups that one becomes a member for the weekend.  In these groups we are lead by an experienced Emmaus team member.  We become to know each other well through sharing our burdens, challenges, joys, etc., with one another.  We hear 'talks' on the five different types of GRACE by veteran Emmaus members throughout the weekend.  One of the great highlights of the weekend.

My EPIPHANY moment at this spiritual retreat came in the form of people I knew from our church who came for the Candlelight Service, the ending session of the weekend.  It was a complete surprises, didn't know they were coming until that moment when I looked out over the audience!  Candlelight burned softly in their faces and as I began to recognize each one and their joyful radiance...God spoke to me with a message of LOVE unexperienced until that moment!  My heart burned with sudden elation and unspeakable joy...tears flowed...and truly...this was an EPIPHANY moment...a spiritual marker in my life!

Spiritual experiences can't be explained...Since then my life has taken on a new direction for serving God through serving others.  GOD IS LOVE!

Written by:
Sheri DeLoach
Jaunaury 15, 2012
Hewitt, TX.
copyright pending

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  1. Tommy Joe and I both attended walks. I've worked several which also a blessings. Candlelight is an overwhelming expression of love.
    de colores.