Friday, March 18, 2011

Visiting with two nice ladies at nursing home - 03.17.2011

March 18, 2010       

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Yesterday, Luci and I got in the car to drive a mile to the nursing home.  Luci was beyond happy, she was ecstatic !  I told her she would have to calm down before we entered the front doors.  We took a short walk around the facility before we made our entrance.  Thankfully, she had calmed considerably and was ready to say hello to the people who live there.

We asked at the front desk about Ms Nice because we didn't see her in the Commons area.  The greeting lady directed us to her home, # 0, close to the nurses station.  As we knocked on  her door, she invited us to come in.  She was dressed nicely in a bright pink warm-up outfit and her home was sparkling clean.  She wanted to go visit in the Commons so Luci could sit next to her and  we could talk and catch up on things since last week's visit.  

After getting situated and comfortable, Luci was in my lap, and placed her head so that Ms Nice could reach her head to pet it.   Luci liked the attention and didn't want to move away.  Ms Nice lady told Luci that she had a dog a long time ago and she loved dogs.  Luci and I could tell that was right because she talked a lot about her special dog in the country.  It was apparent that Ms Nice loved our visit and liked to feel Luci's thick white fur collar. 

It is amazing how much life is in these elderly folks because it comes out as they interact with Luci !  One might think that a person on hospice wouldn't want a pet therapy visit, but they do and their whole persona changes from :(  to :) faces ! 

When we told Ms Nice it was time to go visit another lady, she smiled and asked us that we be sure and come back next Thursday.  We told her, "For sure we'll come back!"  She thanked us several times and said she enjoyed our visit.

When Luci hears the word, GO, she is ready !  We walked down the first hall and knocked on the other lady's door.  I knocked gently and she roused from a nap.  She recognized us immediately.  With a little sleep in her eyes, she began to smile and wanted Luci to sit in my lap. This allowed our friend to pet Luci's head.   Luci jumped up to my lap and laid  her head on our friend's lap.  Luci gave her a few puppy kisses on her left fingers, just to say hello and I love you.    It was evident that it was a good visit for both Luci and our friend.    Luci wanted to get down and walk around a bit in her home.  Our friend said that was fine, but to be sure and watch out for any chocolate candy that might be on the floor.  There was a new assortment of  mini chocolate bars that filled her large basket !  Luci noticed her roommate in the room and was curious.  I told Luci that this lady was asleep and we would say hello next visit.   We said our her goodbyes, hugged, and kissed her.  "We'll be back next Thursday."  Our friend said, "Thank you so much and I'll be looking for you !"

Until next week,  Luv to everyone who reads about our ministry with our visits to nursing homes, home bound, and more.

Proverbs: 21: 3  To do righteousness and justice Is more acceptable to the Lord than Sacrifice.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Springtime arrives in Central Texas

One wonders when and if springtime will arrive in whatever part of the country we live !  Weather affects our moods, productivity, spontaneity, creativity, and much more.  Sunshiny days with moderate temperatures, little or no wind constitutes the 'perfect day'! 

I  admit that cold, dreary, overcast days with a weather forecast of the same can be a downer.  I begin to yearn for the sights and sounds of Spring !

Yesterday, we had one of those perfect springtime afternoon, just right for an hour's walk.  Luci had been walking by her collar and leash in the kitchen and nudging it with her nose for me to see !

  Walking with Luci can be a challenge, even with her short corgi legs !  This little pup can RUN FAST !  Walking/Running is our exercise of choice !

We arrived at our destination, Rolling Meadows and the Dog Walk within 15 minutes.    We noticed a male  Mocking Bird, high up in a tree, singing his little heart out !  I made a couple of pics and we moved on down the walk.   A few minutes later we rounded the walk and was back with the Mocking Bird, sitting the same limb, singing staccato !   Luci's antics didn't appear to affect him as he was focused on attracting his mate ! 

I marvel at God's world of clear running water in the creeks, greenest of grass, singing birds, trees budding, weedy plants with pretty yellow flowers,  purest of air,  kids playing baseball, and parents coaching them !

 Reflecting back... thanking God for the arrival of Spring !

Psalm 149 :  Praise to God from All Creatures...