Monday, January 27, 2014

Daily Bread of Life - Devotional: Snow in Central Texas

Daily Bread of Life - Devotional: Snow in Central Texas

Daily Bread of Life - Devotional: Snow in Central Texas

Daily Bread of Life - Devotional: Snow in Central Texas: Rain, Sleet, Ice, Snow, Blustery North Winds Sheri Deloach Angel Paws Waco 16 minutes ago  ·

Snow in Central Texas

Rain, Sleet, Ice, Snow, Blustery North Winds

  • Last Thursday, 23 Jan 2014, Luci and I made our way to Hewitt Sr Care to visit a patient at his wife's request. Little did I know that the bit of rain would turn into great drops of rain, sleet, ice, snow before we got back home! (less than an hour)

    It was well worth the weather havoc because we had a wonderful visit with a very nice man who liked Luci and vice-versa. He mostly wanted to talk and and Luci and I listened!

    It was our best visit of the year, so far!  Luci likes cold weather, snow, ice, sleet but not the gusty cold northerly winds! She had a some anxiety on the way back to our car and wouldn't get out of her seat when we got home for a while. She recovered quickly when supper time rolled around and our son came home and played fetch with her!

    These are the memories that make pet therapy so worth the effort, despite inclement weather. Helping people who are house bound that need a smile, hand shake, listening hear, pup to pet, and to know they truly appreciate our visits makes for a joyful visit and occasion!

    Thank you, Angel Paws for making this all possible!

    Until next visit...puppy waves - bye-bye!

    Sheri and Luci DeLoachRain, Sleet, Ice, Snow, Blustery north winds...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Luci attends the Providence Healthcare Network Employee-Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

I explained to Luci where we were going and what we would be doing! Meeting new people, saying hello and being a good girl. With her cooperation we got her dressed! New red Providence HCN vest with Pet Partner Therapy Dog monogrammed in green! On with the collar and leash - Pink!  Last piece was the Green & Red Jingle Bell Velvet collar!  It took a few minutes for her to get used to the bells a jingling!

Off we go in the car!  She has her own seat, the passenger's seat, covered in a white sheet, see, corgi's shed hair all year!  I MUST keep my right hand on her back, keeping her calm!

The morning was very cold, rainy, and strong north gusty wind!  Luci loves cold weather but not find of wind & rain on her!  Our parking place is "anywhere" we can find!  Literally, we walked a half mile to hospital entrance!   We had a couple of potty stops which is a must!

Finally, into the warm lobby of the hospital and down to the cafeteria!  We had a few minutes of wait time,..long enough employees and staff to stop and visit!  Luci loves people and to be petted!  We get asked lots of questions about her breed and where puppies can be found for sale!

Upon command, Luci stays right beside me as we walked through the food line.  She's well trained for doing this and to "leave-it" if there is a scrap of food on floor!

The traditional Christmas Dinner was served by a pleasant staff and I enjoyed the meal!  Many of the Pet Partner teams were doing other appearances so we didn't have the usual crew of 6-8 dogs there!

We visited the HR department and picked up a new name tag for Luci!  She made several new friends there!  Then off to the Volunteer Department to pick up a Providence shirt for me!  Again, several new friends were added to our "followers!"

Last stop was the Gift Shoppe where there were many busy shoppers but not too busy for Luci to get petted & loved!

Back to the raw outside elements to find our car!  We walked a little faster this time!  No potty stops!

Luci was ready to "Go Home!"  It was a long morning for her, too!  About two/half hours in hospital  and another half hour, both ways to the car!

One last comments, as we were leaving the Gift Shoppe, we walked by a BIG BLUE Christmas tree! I asked a staff person if she would snap a few shots of Luci & I by the gorgeous tree!  She did!  And we have 'proof' of our volunteering Pet Therapy that day last week!

Written by Sheri DeLoach
All copyrights reserved.
14 December 2013