Saturday, December 14, 2013

Luci attends the Providence Healthcare Network Employee-Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

I explained to Luci where we were going and what we would be doing! Meeting new people, saying hello and being a good girl. With her cooperation we got her dressed! New red Providence HCN vest with Pet Partner Therapy Dog monogrammed in green! On with the collar and leash - Pink!  Last piece was the Green & Red Jingle Bell Velvet collar!  It took a few minutes for her to get used to the bells a jingling!

Off we go in the car!  She has her own seat, the passenger's seat, covered in a white sheet, see, corgi's shed hair all year!  I MUST keep my right hand on her back, keeping her calm!

The morning was very cold, rainy, and strong north gusty wind!  Luci loves cold weather but not find of wind & rain on her!  Our parking place is "anywhere" we can find!  Literally, we walked a half mile to hospital entrance!   We had a couple of potty stops which is a must!

Finally, into the warm lobby of the hospital and down to the cafeteria!  We had a few minutes of wait time,..long enough employees and staff to stop and visit!  Luci loves people and to be petted!  We get asked lots of questions about her breed and where puppies can be found for sale!

Upon command, Luci stays right beside me as we walked through the food line.  She's well trained for doing this and to "leave-it" if there is a scrap of food on floor!

The traditional Christmas Dinner was served by a pleasant staff and I enjoyed the meal!  Many of the Pet Partner teams were doing other appearances so we didn't have the usual crew of 6-8 dogs there!

We visited the HR department and picked up a new name tag for Luci!  She made several new friends there!  Then off to the Volunteer Department to pick up a Providence shirt for me!  Again, several new friends were added to our "followers!"

Last stop was the Gift Shoppe where there were many busy shoppers but not too busy for Luci to get petted & loved!

Back to the raw outside elements to find our car!  We walked a little faster this time!  No potty stops!

Luci was ready to "Go Home!"  It was a long morning for her, too!  About two/half hours in hospital  and another half hour, both ways to the car!

One last comments, as we were leaving the Gift Shoppe, we walked by a BIG BLUE Christmas tree! I asked a staff person if she would snap a few shots of Luci & I by the gorgeous tree!  She did!  And we have 'proof' of our volunteering Pet Therapy that day last week!

Written by Sheri DeLoach
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14 December 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sheri takes me to the 'Visiting Place'

Yesterday Sheri took me to a new place for a 'People Visit!' I was so excited that it was hard to settle down and wait until she got dressed. After what seemed like an eternity, she was ready and we went to the car for our short trip. We got there in about five minutes and took a stroll around the place and looked for the grassy places. Surely was nice to smell all those new smells and Sheri let me take my time! :)

We were greeted at the front door by the Administrator and he was soooo glad to see me again. You see, he has two corgis' at his home and he lets me know how much he loves corgis by petting me a lot and telling Sheri how smart his dogs are! Several other people stopped to talk to in the foyer as we sat down and waited on the Activities Director. Along she came, pushing some nice lady in a wheelchair and tried to introduce her to us. Some people aren't able to talk or carry on a conversation and I understand that perfectly!

We proceeded down the halls to the units and stopped a lot if the residents wanted to pet me or talk. And, WOW! We made a lot of stops! We visited the nice lady again who left her corgi at home and had a nice long visit. It was quite long for my attention span which gave me a perfect excuse to take a 'little nap!'

Another lady asked Sheri if I could live there with her! Just to think about something so drastic is scary! I know Sheri would not give me away but sometimes it seems that people want me for their own so much... I know that are lonesome and miss their pets terribly and that's one of the fun parts of my job, seeing them happy and smiling! :)

Sheri posted a pic of me on her Timeline right after we got home from our visit. My eyes were 'glowing with love' said one of our friends that saw it! And I believe I know what the true meaning of unconditional love is...It come natural for a 'Pet Therapy Corgi named, 'Lucille "Luci" Ball.'

Until next week, Sheri and I say bye for now! We'll be back, promise!

With much <3 and Hugs!


Writtten by Sheri DeLoach
15 May 2013
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Daily Bread of Life - Devotional: Take Time to Live

Daily Bread of Life - Devotional: Take Time to Live: "Take time to Life" author ~ Myrtle M. Rose Happy New Year Friends all around the world! This is my first blog for 2013 and it the poe...

Daily Bread of Life - Devotional: Take Time to Live

Daily Bread of Life - Devotional: Take Time to Live: "Take time to Life" author ~ Myrtle M. Rose Happy New Year Friends all around the world! This is my first blog for 2013 and it the poe...

Take Time to Live

"Take time to Life"
author ~ Myrtle M. Rose

Happy New Year Friends all around the world! This is my first blog for 2013 and it the poem is borrowed from a book, "Lights along the Way" by Myrtle M. Rose.

Life should not be the struggle that for some it does appear,
We very often fail to think how short a time we're here.
We concentrate of worldly gains, and so much time we give
To piling up our dollars that we don't take time to live.

We seldom free ourselves from tasks or plans we have ahead,
And when we do, we feel we should have worked some
The things we have, we salt away: then struggle on for more,
Enjoying not the wealth that we already have in store.

How very few the times when folks just meet on common
ground, Where gaiety, a happy song, some fun and joy aboung;
How many times do we forget our money, dress, and such
And gather in a circle big, and laugh and nothin' much?

We rush through life with maddening speed, we keep the gear
in high,
We have no time to tarry, but to gain a bit we try;
We quite forget we cannot add more days to life's short span,
But surely we can shorten them by just this very plan.

Our mott is: "I don't have time." We've said it for so long,
That if we ever should catch up, we'd think that things were
Remembember that when we are gone, there will be others who
Will take things up where we leave off, and still weill ne'er
get though.

We have no choice in being born, but must take time to die:
And how we spend the time while here, must meet with a
Just say, "The past I can't recall: the future I don't know:
But the present time I'll live, I'll laugh, and take it slow."

A New Year's Poem to set our minds in a different thought pattern! Please share with friends on Facebook and other blogs and Twitter!


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