Friday, February 3, 2012

What To Do?

"If you want to know what God wants you to do-
     ask Him, and He will gladly tell you.
                      James 1:5

For  the past few weeks, I've been toiling with the possibility of a part time job.  It is tempting because of
the economic times and set backs in our financial goals to be debt free has not happened.  My hubby works two jobs and doesn't complain.  He wants to take care of his family and be strong and dependable for us.  That he has done for the past five decades and continues.  

This job opportunity is solid and the income depends on how hard I work at it.  The dilemma...many things in my life will have to be altered, and some most likely set aside for now.  One of my greatest passions since retiring two years ago has been...Luci, our service therapy Corgi! To train her and I to be the best team we can be to do this work.   And I know by God's blessing and favor on this volunteer service therapy job, I know that it is His plan and purpose for us.  That's one area of my life that I feel is secure as continues to bless others and bring joy to those who need it the most.  So I don't waver on that.

However, from years of past experiences of over commitment and being unable to say 'No' to many things that I said, 'Yes' to should be a constant reminder.  When one says 'Yes' to another activity, a job, and so on; a BIG 'NO' goes out to something else in their life...that's the law of physics!    One other point;  that for many years of my life, I didn't truly seek God's will, plan, and purpose for adding more 'things' to my life.  My spiritual maturity hadn't reached that level...and I suffered for trying to control my life...when all the time God was and is and always be in control of my life.  Just didn't know that for years.  Now that I know and am firmly convinced that in my decisions and choices, He must approve and tell me, 'Yes.' or  'No.'

So, as I ponder, pray, dig deeply into His Word, meditate, listen for His still small voice in times alone with Him, journaling thoughts and feelings and praising His Name...I am waiting Lord...for your answer...Is a bit more finances for our household more important than what I am doing and what I will be giving up?

In time, God's timing, I will know and when I do, it will be as clear as a crystal blue lake, with perfect reflections of everything around it...

Sheri DeLoach
patent pending
February 3, 2012

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