Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ~ 2011 ~

Christmas Day this year, December 25, 2011, fell on Sunday!  What a beautiful way to start this day when we celebrate and remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!  We had only one church service that started at 9:30AM.  Kids were welcome and many came in their pajamas!  After the Children's Sermon, they left and attended a birthday party downstairs for Baby Jesus.

Christmas Eve at our church is a highlight of the Christmas season for me and many others.  We have two services because so many people come.  We chose the later one as many young families come to the early one in order to get home and get the kids in bed before Christmas morning!  And we all know what happens then:!  Santa Claus!

Back to our Christmas Eve, Candlelight service. the theme was "This Day is Born a Savior, of Virtue, Power, and Might."   It is complete with choir, a live program depicting the birth of Jesus, the Wise men coming to visit, bring precious gifts,  along with the Shepherds who had followed a star for miles and miles before finding baby Jesus at a stable with his parents, Mary and Joseph.  There was a multitude of 'dancing angels' of all ages, so beautiful as they sang praises to the "New Born King!"

Throughout the program, the story is told by grandparents to their grand-kids who ask many questions and the wise grandparents have the answers.

There is a tradition of one famous person coming each year to sing 'O Holy Night'...and this seems to be one of the best parts of the entire evening.  Many people had tears in their eyes when he finished his song...

In closing the program and evening, everyone is given a small white candle with a glass cup under it.  One person at the front of the stage lights his candle and leans over and lights the next person's candle, and so it goes...until the dark room is completely lighted with candles aglow.  The audience begins the closing song, "Silent Night" as we raise our candles high above our heads.  The feeling of joy is everywhere and we are overwhelmed with the story of how Jesus Christ came to this earth, born in a stable, worshiped by the Wise Men and Shepard's...and somehow this old story becomes NEW and FRESH again in our hearts.

Merry Christmas to All and to All goodnight!

©2011 Sheri DeLoach - article and photographs

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