Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Birthdays - Ice Cream Floats - Royal Manor Health Care Center -

Last Wednesday at the nursing home where Luci and I volunteer, we were invited for an ice cream social with entertainment !  The residents were beside themselves with anticipation for this party to begin !  Music from a local Blue Grass Family band played and sang throughout the party.  They were quite good and asked the audience for requests.  This amazingly talented family band was able to come up with their requests and have sing-alongs !   Nothing excites and elevates a person's endorphins as does music to the soul, no matter what age !  Singing with elderly folks has been proven to lift depression and loneliness !

Texas Home Health Hospice provided  sugar-free ice cream and made floats, which were quite popular ! I moved about in the audience and spoke to men and women who wanted 'to talk.'  It was fun getting to meet new residents, as they shared their lives.

The Activities Director, a multi-talented Godly woman played the piano, by ear, and sang with the band.   TXHHH's Volunteer Director sang with the band, on stage !

I was a blessed through this hour of praising the Lord in song and sharing our lives.  Volunteering my time for nursing home residents continues to be a passion and I believe God blesses this ministry !

Sheri DeLoach- Author
07. 26.2011
Hebrews 13:1-2

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