Tuesday, August 16, 2011

EMPTY NEST by Judy Janowski

Judy is a devout Christian, poet, writer,photographer, story teller, Master Gardner, pastry chef and has a business selling cakes, cupcakes, etc. Her latest book of poetry, recipes, and more has been published. "Life is a Gardening Party." It's for sale through Amazon. Judy graciously agreed to guest post her latest poem. The poem can be an analogy of when our kids leave home and we become empty nesters ! You can find her through FB and her page, Judy Janowski. The links to her website and blogs can be found in Info. I will check her photo albums and see if I can post a few of them...Not here but in the next blog. My life has been richly blessed and enriched with Judy as a dear friend !

Empty Nest
Posted by Judy on Monday, August 8, 2011 at 8:05am

Someone's growing too fast.
Ready to leave home at last.
Their heads peek out the door.
They can't wait to explore.

Their parents are busy this morn
feeding their big babies worms.
And how they talk up a storm!
Their babies have lots to learn.

Are these parents saying 'stay'
or encouraging 'go play'?
Will today
be the day?

One leans too far out.
Suddenly he's out.
Or was he pushed
for two more heads push...

out the door
to explore
the outdoors
where fun lures.

The first one
air born
spreads his wings
in the wind.

He's free! He's free!
There's much to see.
He calls 'follow me'
to his siblings with glee.

There they go
down low
then up high as the breeze
blows in the trees leaves.

Spreading their wings
they glide on the wind.

Are their parents happy or sad?
Are these fledglings glad?
Their parents did their best.
All too soon there's an empty nest.

* * * * *

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