Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Green Figs in December

It was the end of December when, aha, appeared two lovely green figs on the Fig Tree!  My first impression was...why is this tree producing figs this time of year?  My only logical conclusion was...our weather has been unseasonably warm and mother nature had 'fooled' the tree into springtime!
Miraculously, the birds didn't bother them.  So, I picked them, saved them, with hopes of riping as in the green tomato.  When I picked them, I had on our church's logo braclet, 'God is Big Enough' and made the photo with my iPhone!  Nothing is a coincidence with God, it was meant to be that this braclet was in the photo!  There are many mysteries in life, especially in nature, most of which we aren't supposed to find answers.  Discovering the twins made me think of the scriputre, "Two is better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labor."  Eccesiates 4:9.  Although this scripture is referring to people, support and friendship, it can be applied to the mystery of  green figs in late December !  Only God knows why twin figs were produced on a leafless fig tree in late December!

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