Monday, January 24, 2011


Miss Luci is what our little girl friend neighbor calls her. It's always the same...she will call and say, "How's Luci doing, and may I come down and play with her?" Our little friend is seven years old and loves dogs, all dogs, any size, kind, color, breed, and so on. She went on a walk with Luci and I and wanted to hold the leash. After a few prompts and lessons on 'how' to lead Luci, I let little friend take the leash. It was a lesson in 'trust' for me ! Little children and dogs have their own unspoken language and soon Luci was 'taking the lead' and making her own decisions on where we were going. This reminds me of how things are in our own lives. Sometimes I let God lead me with his gentle hand...yet other times, I take the own selfishness takes me to places that I really didn't intend to go. I am sorry, repent, and ask Him to take the lead again, knowing that my paths will be straight and narrow and safe. Proverbs 3:5-6

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