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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sheri takes me to the 'Visiting Place'

Yesterday Sheri took me to a new place for a 'People Visit!' I was so excited that it was hard to settle down and wait until she got dressed. After what seemed like an eternity, she was ready and we went to the car for our short trip. We got there in about five minutes and took a stroll around the place and looked for the grassy places. Surely was nice to smell all those new smells and Sheri let me take my time! :)

We were greeted at the front door by the Administrator and he was soooo glad to see me again. You see, he has two corgis' at his home and he lets me know how much he loves corgis by petting me a lot and telling Sheri how smart his dogs are! Several other people stopped to talk to in the foyer as we sat down and waited on the Activities Director. Along she came, pushing some nice lady in a wheelchair and tried to introduce her to us. Some people aren't able to talk or carry on a conversation and I understand that perfectly!

We proceeded down the halls to the units and stopped a lot if the residents wanted to pet me or talk. And, WOW! We made a lot of stops! We visited the nice lady again who left her corgi at home and had a nice long visit. It was quite long for my attention span which gave me a perfect excuse to take a 'little nap!'

Another lady asked Sheri if I could live there with her! Just to think about something so drastic is scary! I know Sheri would not give me away but sometimes it seems that people want me for their own so much... I know that are lonesome and miss their pets terribly and that's one of the fun parts of my job, seeing them happy and smiling! :)

Sheri posted a pic of me on her Timeline right after we got home from our visit. My eyes were 'glowing with love' said one of our friends that saw it! And I believe I know what the true meaning of unconditional love is...It come natural for a 'Pet Therapy Corgi named, 'Lucille "Luci" Ball.'

Until next week, Sheri and I say bye for now! We'll be back, promise!

With much <3 and Hugs!


Writtten by Sheri DeLoach
15 May 2013
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